Morgan Brook Farm

Morgan Brook Farm, a Wagyu Beef Farm

Morgan Brook Farm, located in Westford, Vermont, is where we live, work, and raise our Wagyu Beef Cattle. There is nothing closer to “farm to table” than when you purchase your meats or food from Butcher Barn, which is our retail butcher shop that is located on our property. Though we sell beef, pork and chicken, our specialty is our Wagyu beef raised and here at Morgan Brook Farm. When purchasing from us, you know you are receiving the very best products available.

Our Humble Beginnings

  • 2011 – We began to raise our Wagyu Beef Cattle and build our farm.
  • 2019 – We began selling our Wagyu beef from the “Wagyu Wagon,” a food truck that we opened, which would be the beginning of introducing our Wagyu Beef to the public through it’s delicious menu. After two summers offering the Wagyu Wagon menu we decided to close and offer some of the same great tastes at the Westford Country Store and Cafe.
  • 2020 – Westford Country Store and Cafe, builds on the idea to continue offering our Wagyu Beef for all to enjoy. Now you can enjoy it while relaxing in the pleasant cafe, located along the Westford Common, in the center of Westford town. Here, you can purchase some of our products and enjoy our famous Wagyu Beef Burgers, fresh from the grill.
  • 2021 – The operation expands to include the Butcher Barn which features a local “ole butcher shop” feel where you can meet your local butchers. Butcher Barn is responsible for our retail sales and customer facing experiences. Visitors are welcome to shop, ask questions, and to learn more about our Wagyu products. If you want something specific our butchers are always available and can “cut-to-order.”
  • 2022 – We are expanding the Butcher Barns state-of-the-art facility to include every service we need to bring cattle from pasture, to plate. With these enhancements you are sure to receive only the highest quality meats and products, since we are able to control every aspect of the food chain. With this addition, we plan to begin shipping our Wagyu meats locally, regionally, and nationally!
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