Welcome to Morgan Brook Farm

Home to our Wagyu Beef Cattle

Welcome to Morgan Brook Farm

     Owned by The Hutchins, operated by the most talented Farmers and Butchers, and supported by an intelligent and caring community, the Butcher Barn at Morgan Brook Farm is a dream come true. In the truest Vermont fashion, Morgan Brook Farm and Butcher Barn make farm to table dining easy and convenient, for families far and wide.

     Morgan Brook Farm is our 400 acre Wagyu Beef farm and located on premises, Butcher Barn is where you browse, purchase, and learn more about Wagyu Meats. We invite you to learn about how Wagyu beef cattle are raised, shop Vermont raised Wagyu Beef, and to pick up new recipes that are sure to turn an ordinary night, into an exceptional dining event.

Bon Appetite! ~ The Hutchins

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