“Best steaks I’ve ever had, hands down.” -Garry S.

Bring home premium Wagyu

Heard Around The Table

The Morgan Brook Farm Way

Wagyu beef is highly sought after. Like white truffles or Cuban cigars.

Serve Wagyu beef and the response may be, “Where did you get this?”

When you choose to become a customer of our Vermont Wagyu beef farm, your Wagyu comes from a verified single source with exceptional standards you can trust. That means:

  • Every animal has superior bloodlines and is raised humanely to produce gourmet meats you won’t find at the grocery store or warehouse chain.
  • Every cut is marbled beyond belief for a buttery feast for the senses.
  • Every meal is packed with healthy omega-3s.

How Do We Achieve This Unparalleled Quality?

Our team of farmers and artisan butchers manage all aspects of our 400-acre Wagyu beef farm

We do everything from rotating the cattle on our pastureland to creating their specialized diets and cutting the rarest pieces of beef (that most butchers don’t even know how to find!).  

Simply put, the best quality Wagyu beef comes from Morgan Brook Farm.

What Sets Our Wagyu Farm Apart

Farm-Raised Responsibly
Humanely-raised, cruelty-free beef. Hormone and antibiotic free.

Purest Genetics
Our cattles’ certified-DNA guarantees the highest quality. Choose from pure bred or American.

Feel-Good Food
Flavor explosion and healthy omega-3s in every bite.

Proud Members

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Logo for the Vermont Fresh Network that says "Farm and Chef Partnership"
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