Butcher Barn

     Butcher Barn is where Wagyu meats from Morgan Brook Farm are sourced, butchered, and sold. Upon entering Butcher Barn you will find a charming country setting, filled with some of the nicest, and smartest foodies you’ll meet. Butcher Barn is the pinnacle of farm to table eating and enjoyment, serving families and restaurants across Vermont. Stop in to browse our display case, pick up some frozen meats, or have your favorite cut to order!

     We are a State inspected facility with an excellent food handling record. This is critical because the Butcher Barn is where all our farm raised Wagyu Meats are butchered, processed, and sold for your enjoyment. Our butchers place a great deal of pride behind every cut and just like the “ole-time” butcher shop, they are here to answer questions, and provide advise on how you can enjoy the best meats available.

    When visiting or ordering from the Butcher Barn you can expect a friendly and knowledgable staff, who are ready to help with any questions you might have. All around the building you’ll see the fields where our Wagyu cattle graze, mother’s with their calves, and our young breed herd. Come experience our new and growing facility!

The Butchers & Apprentices

     With more than 40 years of shared experience, our team of Butchers work hard to ensure you sense the pride behind every cut of meat. As you browse you can watch the Butchers through the window to see exactly what they are working on. Each cut of Wagyu Beef is aged to perfection in our massive refrigeration rooms before being cut down into serving sized portions. These guys work hard, processing up to (and sometimes more than) and entire cow per day. 

The Butchers from left to right:

  • Todd has 30+ years of Butcher shop experience.
  • Brian is a butchers apprentice from Westford, VT working with us to hone and develop his skill.
  • Kate was previously a wildlife biologist and now has been working as a Butcher since 2019.
  • Alonzo is also an apprentice. He comes to us from the restaurant industry where he is developing his skill at cutting, and serving high quality meats.

The Food

The Butcher Barn is a destination for farm to table aficionados that are seeking the highest quality foods, with on-the-go options.

     Jenni and her daughter Kathy work passionately day in and day out to prepare amazing feasts for families to snatch up. They understand the demands society places on family life these days and want to make feeding your family as easy, as it is nourishing. Within their display of goodies you’ll find a rotation of seasonal favorites. Their baked beans only last hours after coming out of the oven, and their to-die-for Wagyu burger patties and skewers make prepping dinner as easy as it is healthy for your family. 

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