Butcher Barn is where Wagyu Beef from Morgan Brook Farm is sourced, butchered, and sold. Upon entering Butcher Barn you will find a charming country setting, filled with some of the nicest, and smartest foodies you’ll meet. Butcher Barn is the pinnacle of farm to table eating and enjoyment, serving families and restaurants across Vermont, and shipping Wagyu Beef nationally. For those local to us, we invite you to stop in to browse our display case, pick up some frozen meats, or have your favorite steak cut to order! Not local? No problem, order Wagyu Beef Online!

     We are a State inspected facility with an excellent food handling record. This is critical because Butcher Barn is where all our farm raised Wagyu Meats are butchered, processed, and sold for your enjoyment. Our butchers place a great deal of pride behind every cut and just like the “ole-time” butcher shop, they are here to answer questions, and provide advise on how you can enjoy the best beef available.

    When visiting or ordering from Butcher Barn you can expect a friendly and knowledgable staff, who are ready to help with any questions you might have. All around the building you’ll see the fields where our Wagyu cattle graze, mother’s with their calves, and our young breed herd. Come experience our new and growing facility!

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