At Morgan Brook Farm, we understand how hectic life can get. While we all want to craft healthy and delicious home-cooked meals for dinner, sometimes life (or soccer practice!) gets in the way of our best intentions. That’s why we created the Butcher Barn.

If you crave farm-to-table cuisine with grab-and-go convenience, we offer fresh and high-quality meals your family will rave about. We only use the best ingredients, including our farm-raised Wagyu beef, so you can take the stress–and the mess–out of dinner time without sacrificing quality and freshness.

What Our Wagyu Farm Offers

Our incredible Butcher Barn chef, Kathy, works passionately every day to prepare balanced meals perfect for busy families. Feeding your loved ones should be as easy as it is nourishing, and we strive to exceed your expectations with our display of fresh, made-daily meals.

Make dinner prep a breeze – swing by and grab a main course, like our heavenly Wagyu burger patties or skewers. From mac and cheese to stuffed peppers and shells, our sides and appetizers balance your meals and offer a little something for everyone. Come by early to grab our fan favorites – our to-die-for baked beans only last a few hours after coming out of the oven!

If you have a few minutes on your hands, pick up any of our excellent cuts of Wagyu beef to easily transform your next meal. Popular cuts like Chuck Eye Delmonico, porterhouse steak, and ground beef are all aged to perfection, highlighting that buttery, umami Wagyu flavor. 

Grabbing pre-made home-cooked meals is an effortless way to impress your family or dinner guests without the hassle or cleanup. Feel good about bringing home a healthy take-out option, with enough variety to please everyone in your household. We also love customer feedback and suggestions, so if there is ever something you’d like to see in our display case, let us know and we’d be happy to make it, especially for you!

Discover Our Wagyu Butcher Barn

The Butcher Barn evokes a familiar country charm, surrounded by the fields where our Wagyu cows graze. Look outside to see mothers roaming with their calves and step inside to meet our staff, some of the friendliest and most knowledgeable foodies in Vermont. Our team of Wagyu butchers has more than 40 years of shared experience, and they are happy to answer any and all questions you may have about preparing, cooking, or grilling your meat. We love talking to our customers to help them create an incredible food experience. Request specific cuts to order, get recommendations for your meal, seasonings, and pairings, and enjoy getting to know our lovely team of dedicated craftsmen. 

All of the Wagyu beef from Morgan Brook Farm is sourced, butchered, and sold right here at the Butcher Barn. By keeping the entire process in one place, managed by one expert and caring team, we can guarantee and maintain high-quality cuts. And, the fewer steps between you and your food’s source, the fewer chances there are for contamination. If you’re in the area and have wondered where to buy Wagyu beef, swing by to browse our display case, select a frozen cut, or have your favorite steak cut to order. For those a bit further away, we offer Wagyu beef delivery so you can have our incredible cuts shipped right to your door when you order online!

We are a full-service butcher shop and are happy to offer our services to local farms and residents in need of a butcher. We also sell whole or half cows, so contact us to review pricing, timing, and the specific cuts you’d like. Remember our premium Wagyu beef requires patience–a single cow can take about 30 days to process, so be sure to plan ahead for any big orders you may need.

The Freshest Ingredients Paired with Wagyu Beef

We take great pride in serving meals made only with the best and freshest ingredients, sourced as close to our Wagyu farm as possible. Our maple syrup and vegetables come straight from Phillips Farm just up the road, promoting a safer food supply while supporting other family-owned farms. We forage our West Slope Shitake Mushrooms locally, and we make all our salad dressings from scratch.

Order Wagyu Beef for Events & Holidays

Order ahead for your next big event or holiday party so you can sit back and enjoy the festivities! Kathy will happily sit down with you to create a unique menu just for your event. While we don’t offer traditional catering services at this time, we will have all of your meals prepared and ready for you to pick up, making it easier than ever to share your Butcher Barn favorites with family and friends.

We love when customers have unique requests and share a special vision for their event menu. Give us at least 48 hours advance notice and we will happily accommodate your order. Now that you know where to buy Wagyu beef, what are you waiting for?

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