William Mason Sr.

            William Mason is a born and raised Vermonter who has spent his whole life on a farm. “Bill,” as he is more commonly known as, is the backbone of Morgan Brook Farm. His vision and passion for responsibly raising cattle is reflected in the quality of meat the farm is known for. For Bill, farming isn’t a job, it’s a way of life.

            In between working on farms Bill served in the United States Army for 11 years. There he spent time traveling the world while completing his duty for his country. Once his military career came to an end it wasn’t long until he made it back home to the farm. He then worked for the Pouliot Family Dairy Farm for 24 years. His main area of expertise was caring for the young calves.

            After the farm stopped its dairy production, Bill became the lead herdsman for Morgan Brook Farm. He takes the same gentle approach with the cattle as he did his dairy cows. Simply put he treats them the way he would like to be treated. For Bill the cows aren’t just numbers on an ear tag. He knows each one of them by name. Bill is a quick witted, hard working person that can befriend anyone he has a conversation with. It is a true privilege to have him on the farm.

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