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Website relaunch beefs up offerings 

Westford, VT (July 24, 2023) – Morgan Brook Farm announced today the launch of their Vermont Wagyu beef recipe series, cooking insights for their most popular cuts, and a new and improved ecommerce shopping experience for the farm’s popular, high-quality Wagyu beef products. Having prepared Vermont Wagyu beef for their families and friends for decades, Morgan Brook Farm is sharing their favorite recipes with customers.

“Now our customers across the country can grill, pan sear, and roast their Wagyu beef to perfection,” said owner Jeff Hutchins. “Whether you want a summer Wagyu ground beef recipe for a burger that is so juicy extra napkins are required, the secret to a perfect sear on your Chuck Eye Delmonico steak, or a savory Wagyu bottom round roast recipe to fill your home with a mouth-watering aroma, we’ve got a recipe to foolproof your meal.”

Wagyu beef is known for its high quality, copious marbling, and healthy profile and is among the most sought-after meats in the world. You’ll find some of the best Wagyu beef available at Morgan Brook Farm in Vermont, which raises their cattle with special care and attention. There is no comparison to other types of beef, but you have to taste it to believe it.

To celebrate their commitment to serving customers from farm to plate, Morgan Brook Farm is offering special pricing on one of its most popular items for a limited time. Their top-rated Vermont Wagyu ground beef is regularly $14 per pound. Now, you may order Wagyu ground beef for just $6.99 per pound. Order Wagyu now and stock up your freezer as you’ll want a summer long supply of the deliciously juicy and flavorful ground beef. From burgers to meatballs, ground beef is as versatile as it is easy to cook. 

Improved navigation and mouth-watering photography bring ease to online shopping and makes farm-to-table Wagyu beef accessible to those who want to turn an ordinary night into an exceptional dining event. With fast 2-day shipping and careful packaging, your Wagyu beef from Morgan Brook Farm arrives with maximum freshness. Orders currently ship each week on Tuesday.

“Absolutely DELICIOUS Wagyu burgers,” said customer Annie Williams in a Google review. “We ate them for dinner 3 nights in a row!” Another customer, Tracey Young, left this review: “The Wagyu ribeyes are my favorite. I can’t recall ever having a better steak, it’s so tender, juicy and perfectly marbled.” 

Wagyu cattle are Japanese beef cattle. Wagyu were historically hard-working draft cattle selected for their physical endurance. A unique gene in these cattle produces extra intramuscular fat cells, called marbling. The marbling provides a readily available energy source to the cattle as they work. It also creates unmatched flavor, juiciness, tenderness, and high levels of oleic acid in their meat; known to raise good cholesterol and promote heart health. Wagyu must be raised in a stress-free environment to “turn on” this unique gene. 

Get the best Vermont Wagyu beef available for your next dinner and savor the moment with every bite.

About Morgan Brook Farm  

Morgan Brook Farm in Westford, VT raises Wagyu Beef cattle that produce some of the highest quality and healthiest beef available, turning an ordinary night into an exceptional dining event. On the family’s 400-acre farm, Vermont Wagyu Beef cattle roam fields of fresh grass and wildflowers, enjoy waterfalls, and relax under Oak trees. At www.MorganBrookFarmVT.com, customers can browse, purchase, and learn more about Wagyu Beef from veteran butchers, plus, enjoy fresh recipes from knowledgeable chefs. Fast online shopping makes it easy to order Wagyu for delicious farm-to-table meals. Learn more at www.MorganBrookFarmVT.com.

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