Our Wagyu Farm

A Family-Owned Wagyu Farm​

Here at Morgan Brook Farm, we know how important it is to put good food on the table. Having raised our family on Wagyu steaks and burgers from cattle we personally tended, we saw the need to offer the same heart-healthy meat to others craving the delicious quality only found at a dedicated family farm that controls the process, start to finish.

Imagine being showered with compliments over a special steak dinner, or serving burgers that make your kids run to the table. This will become a regular occurrence when you purchase from Morgan Brook Farm.

After growing up on an Angus and Hereford beef farm, founder Jeff Hutchins had beef in his blood and wanted to continue the legacy. After expanding and growing his own farm over the years, he tried Wagyu beef for the first time at a business dinner and never looked back. In 2011, he secured five female Wagyu cows and one bull. In 2015, Jeff and his family started our Wagyu farm so more people could experience the premium quality and health benefits of Wagyu beef.

We’re the Hutchins family, and it’s our honor to raise and ship pure Wagyu and American Wagyu beef steaks, ground beef, and roasts from the Green Mountains of Vermont direct to your table, wherever you may be in the U.S.

How is our Wagyu Beef Raised?

Our pasture raised Wagyu beef cattle roam our 400-acre farm in the warmer months and enjoy winters in our state-of-the-art barns. We love our cattle, and that’s one reason they enjoy better views of our farm's mountain springs and cascading waterfalls than we do!

We raise our Wagyu beef longer than traditional beef (three years compared to 15 to 18 months). Unlike regular beef, Wagyu cattle are not encouraged to gain weight quickly. This slow growth creates the most tender meat. Wagyu are famous for their intramuscular fat, known as marbling, which develops naturally throughout their lives. It also allows us to get to know and meet each cow’s needs better.

Bill, Ryan, Kaylee, and Mike, our dedicated herdsmen, give our cattle individual attention around the clock, whether birthing a calf or choosing the right vitamins and supplements to complement their diets.

The humane, cruelty-free lifestyle we provide our cattle, combined with their Japanese Wagyu beef genes, allows us to produce some of the best beef in the world.

History of Morgan Brook Farm

We’re preserving farmland and a slower way of life in Vermont.

Located between Morgan Hill and Bald Hill mountain ranges, we care for over 400 acres of pastures dotted with wildflowers, waterfalls, and mountain streams. Our family farm has a rich history, and we’re honored to carry on the agricultural legacy that began many generations ago.


John and Marian Stark establish the Stark Farm, a dairy farm in Westford, Vermont (today known as Morgan Brook Farm).


Jeff Hutchins and his family begin raising beef cows at their farm in Holland, Vermont, and over the years, add 30 Hereford and Angus beef cattle.


2011 Jeff Hutchins experiences Wagyu beef for the first time during a meeting with Caterpillar Inc. He immediately falls in love with the best beef he’s ever tasted, and begins his hunt for Wagyu cows for sale. The first herd of pure Wagyu beef cattle arrives at the Hutchins farm, and the family shifts its focus to raising purebred and American Wagyu, a rare delicacy.


The Hutchins’ purchase the Stark Farm, convert it into a Wagyu farm, and rename it Morgan Brook Farm. With rolling pastures and streams, it is the perfect place for cattle to graze.


The Butcher Barn is established on-site at the farm, offering premium Wagyu cuts and old-fashioned in-person service. It becomes a hit with locals.


Because of the popularity of The Butcher Barn, Morgan Brook Farm launches its online store, making its healthy, grass-fed Wagyu beef available to customers across the U.S.
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