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Rib Eye Delmonico

Rib Eye Delmonico

THIS is the big treat of steaks, the Rib Eye Delmonico.


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Rib Eye Delmonico

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When you enjoy a Rib Eye Delmonico from the Butcher Barn, you’ll be thinking about how good it was for days after (or longer!). It’s worth the splurge because every bite delivers endless juiciness and flavor, like the Georgia peach of the steak world. Sourced where the T-bone meets the New York strip, it’s a crossroads of beef flavor with top-of-the-scale marbling. Reserve for special occasions, holidays, or any day you want to feel luxurious.

  • Boneless, sourced from the forequarter of the cow, and hand cut by a master butcher.
  • Impress your guests with the best beef money can buy. As one Butcher Barn steak-lover said, “OMG, you have to try…the best steaks I’ve ever had.”
  • A crossroads of rich pot roast flavor brings together the best of the prime rib, New York strip, and the T-bone, with the deepest amount of marbling.
  • Rare with only two cut per head of cattle.
  • Best prepared simply in a cast-iron pan with no oil, on the grill, or over wood coals. Even when cooked well done, it will retain its tenderness.
  • Wagyu Beef is healthier and more flavorful than other types of beef because of its high omega-3 fatty acid content.
  • An authentic farm-to-table experience, Wagyu beef are hand-raised at our own Morgan Brook Farm in Westford, Vermont.
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