Wagyu Beef New York Strip Steak

Wagyu Beef New York Strip Steak

Each steak is cut to 1.5 inches thick.

Average steak measures 12oz.


Wagyu Beef New York Strip Steak

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The New York Strip is a hallmark steak on any menu, and served far and wide at the finest restaurants. However, when the New York Strip Steak you are cooking at home comes from Pure Wagyu Beef Cattle that are hand raised at Morgan Brook Farm in Westford, VT and distributed exclusively by Butcher Barn, you’re suddenly serving better steak than most 5 star restaurants serve.

Watch around the table as folks take their first bite – their pallets and minds explode with flavor. It’s these culinary moments in history that set your dining experience apart from all the others, and it’s because you know how to choose great steak.

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