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Chuck Eye Delmonico Steak Boneless

Chuck Eye Delmonico Steak Boneless

The best quality steak you can get with incredible flavor, at an economical price point. *Limited Availability*

Each steak is cut to 1 inch thick.
Average steak measures 6oz – 8oz.
Order by the steak.


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Chuck Eye Delmonico Steak Boneless

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The Butcher Barn Chuck Eye Delmonico is the steak you’ll come back to again and again because it never disappoints. Our master butcher lists it in his top three favorite cuts. Whether treating yourself or serving it for a special occasion, you’ll delight in this rare, full-flavor steak.

  • Boneless, sourced from the forequarter between the prime rib and the chuck, and hand-cut by a master butcher.
  • Well-marbled and thick with a tender consistency.
  • An unforgettable steak experience you’ll crave again and again. Each bite delivers the pot-roast flavor of a chuck roast and the juiciness of a rib-eye.
  • Best prepared simply in a cast-iron pan with no oil.
  • Wagyu Beef is healthier and more flavorful than other types of beef because of its high omega-3 fatty acid content.
  • An authentic farm-to-table experience, Wagyu beef are hand-raised at our own Morgan Brook Farm in Westford, Vermont.
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