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Prime Rib Boneless

Prime Rib Boneless

Show them how much you really care with a Wagyu Prime Rib!


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Prime Rib Boneless

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If you’re looking for a show-stopping holiday or special occasion meal, you can’t go wrong with prime rib from the Butcher Barn. This cut of meat is incredibly juicy and flavorful and will make your dinner guests drool. The top-level marbling will leave you with a lip-balm feeling on your lips. If you’re looking for a treat meal that will impress, look no further than prime rib.

  • Boneless, sourced from the forequarter of the cow, and hand cut by a master butcher.
  • Give your friends and family the royal treatment. Prime rib has the highest level of marbling available in our line of roasts. This delivers juiciness and flavor as it melts.
  • It’s the star of the table as the main dish and will leave your guests raving.
  • Best over roasted uncovered with liquid in the pan. Cook to medium rare and serve sliced on the table.
  • Wagyu Beef is healthier and more flavorful than other types of beef because of its high omega-3 fatty acid content.
  • An authentic farm-to-table experience, Wagyu beef are hand-raised at our own Morgan Brook Farm in Westford, Vermont.
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