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Steak Tips

Steak Tips

The very best of all steak tips, ever.


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Steak Tips

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Looking for an intense flavor experience that will deliver moments of euphoria around the table? Steak tips are for you! These delectable bites are loaded with marbling, giving them an intense flavor that is sure to satisfy. Steak tips are a Western-style cut that has only become popular on the East Coast in recent years. But trust us, they’re worth the wait! Just season with some kosher salt and cook to your liking. We guarantee you’ll be hooked after just one bite!

  • Boneless, sourced from the hindquarter, and hand cut by a master butcher.
  • The intense marbling and flavor are guaranteed to give you a foodgasm; that satisfying feeling of pleasure with every bite.
  • Best prepared on the grill or broiled. After cooking, slice into one-inch strips and enjoy! Our master butcher likes making steak tips into pinwheels filled with cheese, spinach, and mushrooms.
  • Wagyu Beef is healthier and more flavorful than other types of beef because of its high omega-3 fatty acid content.
  • An authentic farm-to-table experience, Wagyu beef are hand-raised at our own Morgan Brook Farm in Westford, Vermont.
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