Denver Steak

Denver Steak

So satisfying that the Denver Steak tops our master butcher’s list of favorite cuts.

Each steak is cut to 1 inch thick.
Average steak measures 6oz – 8oz.
Order by the steak.


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The Denver steak from the Butcher Barn is a hidden gem in the steak world because only artisan butchers know how to cut it. It’s so satisfying to the palate that it tops our master butcher’s list of favorite cuts. It’s deeply rich in omega-3 fats, so you feel full yet not heavy when you enjoy it. When our customers learn about the Denver steak, they never go back.

  • Boneless, sourced from the forequarter/chuck area, and hand-cut by a master butcher.
  • Well-marbled and extremely tender for juicy, beefy flavor. The chuck delivers a pot-roast taste.
  • Steak lovers will feel satisfied by the flavor explosion and juiciness they crave.
  • Best prepared simply in a cast-iron pan with no oil.
  • Wagyu Beef is healthier and more flavorful than other types of beef because of its high omega-3 fatty acid content.
  • An authentic farm-to-table experience, Wagyu beef are hand-raised at our own Morgan Brook Farm in Westford, Vermont.

Our Wagyu Beef Denver Steak comes from Pure Wagyu Beef Cattle that are hand raised at Morgan Brook Farm in Westford, VT.

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