Wagyu Beef Herd

     Nestled in the lush green landscape of Vermont Route 128 and huddled between two mountain ranges, Morgan Hill and Bald Hill, lies one of Vermont’s most hidden gems. In this serene, picturesque heart of Westford, lies Morgan Brook Farm, a 400-acre farm which lines both sides of the road in wildflowers, rolling hills to the west, with a lazy river at its acres’ end. It’s here that we take pride in raising the finest quality Waygu beef Vermont has to offer.

     In Springtime, after a long frost bitten nod, you can find our herd out where the trees are budding and flowers blooming. The birth of spring is not the only life that is anew. Our rolling hills carry a gentle breeze that dances across the meadows filled with Orchards, Clover, Timothy, Alfalfa and other grasses the cows graze upon. These meadows act as a thick fleece blanket, cradling the newborn calves as mother cow meets her baby for the first time.

     As summer begins, Lunar moths flutter with her bright green and yellow side stripe, enhanced by the red hair-like silhouette that frames her delicate wings. Fireflies light the way over the tired herd offering a beacon of light at evenings edge. In the mid-summer heat, the forest offers a canopy of intertwined leaf covered branches made of Maple, Spruce and Birch to shade the herd until a gentle rain washes over them, a cool reprieve from the heat of summer.

     As summer comes to a close and autumn begins, the harvest moon peers down on the farm with its amber glow. Illuminating the fields where the cows bed down, the calmness of the river gives berth to a shimmery-sparkle, with the moon beams reflecting on the glass-like surface.

     The sun crests over the ridge, as far as the eye can see in this panoramic view, our mountains and forests are ablaze with an organic orange, yellow, amber, and red. The backdrop to our herd is as magnificent as mother nature’s brush stroked canvas, yet another awe inspiring painted foliage scene that even Thomas Kincade would have difficulty replicating. And so, it has become abundantly clear how fatigued mother nature must be as she works tirelessly the whole year through. Let mother nature rest a spell as old man winter wakes from his long nap, beginning to weave us in a blanket of snow.

     And when the time is right, in the spring old man winter will surround us still again, in an afghan of snow that makes liquid gold run through the arteries of trees. Whilst the smell of wintery delight on the curtails of the wind are filling up the herds body’s with sugary sweet maple goodness, we’re reminded that old man winter will soon be asleep, and the organic incubation cycle begins again.

Morgan Brook Farm Herdsmen

Managed by Dedicated Herdsmen

     Bill & Ryan are our dedicated herdsmen. This tough job means working daily, in all types of weather, and through various challenges, to care for the Wagyu Cattle.

     So much more than just farmers, Ryan has a College degree and Bill has served in the military. Each of them have experience working in previous farm operations. They embody the work ethic and experience needed to be competitive, and intelligent, in today’s market that is paramount to our success – and Bill & Ryan continue to bring so much to the table. A day in their life might include managing automated programs that help assist them in their day to day operations, repairing tractors and machinery, conducting and interpreting DNA analysis, feeding, loving their cows, and so much more. Their job is very demanding and we appreciate everything they do.

     At Morgan Brook Farm our Herdsmen believe that cows are suppose to roam fields, eat grass, romp & play with each other, and enjoy the weather – something that not all beef cattle get to enjoy. We also believe in handling our cattle like they are family and pets. It’s not unheard of to find a herdsman in the barn late at night birthing a calf, or tending to one of the herd. The hands on care and love we provide these cows makes them happy, and happy cows live happier lives with less stress. This lifestyle, combined with their Japanese Wagyu Beef genes, makes some of the the tastiest beef known to man. 

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