Wagyu Beef Farm

A Wonderful Place to Grow Up

     Morgan Brook Farm is a place where cattle roam fields and hang out under trees; it’s also where some of the highest quality beef available on the market today, is grown. Cattle on our property enjoy pastures of fresh grass, mountain springs, waterfalls, with a backdrop of scenic wild flowers. Farming in Vermont has never been so beautiful.

     Many would think that a cow in a field, can grow itself… While they can, to grow them in large numbers, while maintaining a healthy gene pool, keeping them fed all year round in an environment where outdoor temperatures can range 120 degrees between summer and winter, and breeding to grow the herd, takes a lot of people, education, and technology.

People, Passion, and Technology

     The fields and barns where our cattle are raised require constant maintenance and improvement. During breeding and birthing seasons our herdsmen use state of the art technology to genetically map our cattle, so we can prove they really are the Wagyu we say they are.

     In the Butcher Barn a team of Butchers and Chefs whip up daily specials, fill online orders, and provide the best customer service we could ask for. Building an running operation like this in an old barn takes grit and passion. 

     At Morgan Brook Farm we couldn’t be more greatful for all the people who help us operate our Waguy Beef Farm in Vermont on a daily basis.

The Best Beef You Can Buy

The intense marbling that creates the juiciest, and most tender beef you'll ever eat is what defines Wagyu Beef. Even more, Wagyu Beef is one of the healthiest meats you can eat - right up there with fish.

Treat yourself to something nice, or make it an important part of your dietary balance. Morgan Brook Wagyu Beef Farm is where you want to order your Wagyu from because we care. We care about the planet, our cows, our employees, and we care about providing you the best beef you can get.
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