how to pronounce wagyu beef

How to pronounce Wagyu Beef?

If you’re interested in buying Wagyu beef, one of the most luxurious and flavorful cuts of meat available, then you need to know how to pronounce Wagyu correctly. 

Knowing how to say Wagyu will make you sound like a pro when ordering this delicacy at a restaurant or chatting with friends at a dinner party, so let’s learn how to say Wagyu correctly.

The Basics of Pronouncing Wagyu Beef 

The word Wagyu is Japanese and translates to Japanese cow. ‘Wa’ means Japanese, and ‘gyu’ means cow.  

So, how do you pronounce Wagyu? Wagyu is pronounced, “wah-gyoo.” The “wah” sounds like the “wa” as in washer. The two syllables should be evenly spaced, and the emphasis should be on the second syllable (“gyoo”). 

To help you remember, try thinking of the word as being made up of three parts: “wah,” “g,” and “you.” This way, you won’t forget that the first part has an emphasis on the beginning sound (“wah”) and that the third part ends with a long vowel sound (“you” or “yoo”). 

You can get help by watching this demonstration of how to say Wagyu.

Often people pronounce Wagyu as “way-goo” and incorrectly move the “y” before the “g”. Remember, the last part of the word is said like “you” and not “goo.”

You may hear some people say Wagyu with the first part of the word sounding like “wag” instead of “wah.” If someone says “wag-you” it’s acceptable, though it’s not technically correct.

Still struggling to remember how to pronounce Wagyu? Watch this montage of chefs and culinary experts as they pronounce Wagyu as both “wag-you” and “wah-g-you.” Who do you think pronounces it best?

How Important Is It To Say Wagyu Right?

Though saying a Japanese word might seem challenging, many experts agree you won’t forget how to say Wagyu correctly once you taste it–the pronunciation will be as memorable as your steak.

At Morgan Brook Farm in Westford, Vermont, master butcher Todd Ashine says that many first-time customers order online without any idea how to say Wagyu. He says mispronouncing Wagyu right is not a big deal. What matters most is the enjoyment Wagyu brings. 

“Food is love,” Ashine said. “I feel fulfilled when I meet someone that doesn’t know what they want or even how to say Wagyu. Then after trying our Wagyu, they are totally satisfied and extremely happy.”

VT wagyu beef cows standing in the grass

What Is Different About Wagyu Beef?

Wagyu beef originates in Japan and comes from four specific breeds of cows – the Japanese Black, Japanese Brown (also referred to as Red Wagyu in the U.S.), Japanese Polled, and Japanese Shorthorn. 

Wagyu beef has become increasingly popular worldwide thanks to its intense marbling and tasty flavor profile. Unlike traditional beef, Wagyu is high in omega-3 fatty acids, which gives it a buttery flavor and surprising health benefits. This makes Wagyu beef a unicorn in the food world and is one of the reasons why it’s more expensive. 

It’s important to know not all Wagyu beef is the same. Beef quality can vary between brands based on the purity of the genetics of the cattle they source. To get the best experience, make sure you’re buying Wagyu from a trusted farm, like Morgan Brook Farm, that raises its own beef with certified DNA.

Enjoy All The Reasons to Say Wagyu

Whether you’re planning a special occasion at home or ordering your next steak to cook on a weeknight meal, impress your friends and family by pronouncing this luxurious cut of meat like a true connoisseur! In no time, you will have mastered the correct pronunciation for one of the most beloved types of beef in the world.


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