Our Wagyu Butchers

The artisan butchers at Morgan Brook Farm from left to right: Brian, Alonzo, Kate, and Todd.

Our Wagyu Butcher Shop Offers Farm-Raised Cuts

Our Wagyu butcher shop at Morgan Brook Farm is one of the few butcher shops in the U.S. that cares for our cattle throughout their entire lifespan. Where other Wagyu sellers may purchase a quarter of Wagyu cow and portion it for resale, we provide premium quality by raising our cattle from birth at our farm. With special care by our highly-trained farm team, our Wagyu cattle develop deep marbling in their muscles over three years. Our team processes each cow on the premises before they are hung in quarters, and aged to perfection in refrigeration rooms until they are perfectly portioned for your table (or grill!).

Because our butcher shop is located on our farm, our team cares for each animal personally. This means they develop a deep appreciation for the cattle and learn how to harvest Wagyu sustainably. Your dinner is handled with loving care, from birth on our farm right to your doorstep. Every juicy steak, succulent burger and savory roast has been cherished at every step of the way so you can relax into the joy of an outstanding meal.

Where the Wow Factor Comes From

Farm-raised and processed means you can trust our Wagyu beef is of the highest quality. Bottom line: Our beef will deliver the wow factor at your dinner party or celebration meal, and will effortlessly transform your family’s weeknight meal. Being located on premises means our artisan butchers work in partnership with our farmers to ensure our meat is as tender as it is delicious. Our butchers harvest hard-to-find cuts by cutting and hanging the quarters themselves.

Ever heard of a Denver steak? It’s uncommon because only highly skilled Wagyu butchers know how to cut this delicacy. Our Denver steak is one of our most popular steaks because it’s a limited-edition cut that delivers flavor and juiciness on par with a pot roast.

Taste the fine craftsmanship of our Wagyu butchers when you order today.
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