Butcher Shop in Westford, VT

Our Butchers & Apprentices

     When you have a “Butcher Shop” that you visit, your relationship with them is very different than that of your supermarket butcher. We really enjoy working with our customers! When you come into Butcher Barn we want you to have the very best experience, so if it is your first time working with Wagyu, let us know. We love to share cooking tips, ideas, and experiences.

     With more than 40 years of shared experience, our team of Butchers work hard to ensure you sense the pride behind every cut of meat. Each cut of Wagyu Beef is aged to perfection in our massive refrigeration rooms before being cut down into serving sized portions. Our team works incredibly hard, processing up to (and sometimes more than) and entire cow per day. 

The Butchers from left to right:

  • Brian is a butchers apprentice from Westford, VT working with us to hone and develop his skill.
  • Alonzo is also an apprentice. He comes to us from the restaurant industry where he is developing his skill at cutting, and serving high quality meats.
  • Kate was previously a wildlife biologist and now has been working as a Butcher since 2019.
  • Todd has 30+ years of butcher shop experience and is our lead Butcher.

A Full Service Butcher Shop

     While we service the exclusive needs of Morgan Brook Farm, we also provide butcher shop services to other farms and residents around the area. If you are in need of a local butcher, give us a call! 

     Butcher Barn also sells whole or half cows. Contact us to review pricing, timing, and specific cuts you wish to receive. Plan ahead! Since this is Wagyu Beef, a single cow take about 30 days to fully process. 

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